AL Shark Confectionery Company:

Al Shark Confectionery was founded in 2014 by three business professionals, Tamer Kamel, Ihab Abdel Moneim and Hany click this site El Sayed who started its first manufacturing in Greater Cairo, Egypt to provide the best chocolate products by professional chocolate makers.

Al Shark Confectionery uses modern, reliable and safe equipment of new production lines, molds and cooling systems.

Al Shark Confectionery team is following the best practice within the chocolate industry and fully committed to the highest standards of quality and production process.

Al Shark Confectionery utilizes the latest recipes that bring fresh international satisfaction standards and inspirations to our customers by using the finest well known raw materials.

Mission,Vision & Values: 


To position Al Shark Confectionery as an innovative brand in chocolate and confectionary market. Check

To carry forward our expertise in chocolate production for providing all our customers with moments of delight happiness and continuing producing more chocolates.


  • Quality Oriented
    Al Shark Confectionery delivers in accordance with international quality standards.
  • Passion
    Al Shark Confectionery is united by passion for chocolate and cocoa and aim to do our best every day.
  • Innovative and Dynamic
    Al Shark Confectionery is a company that is constantly applying learning, developing and adding value to its industry through its progressive process.
  • Customer Oriented
    Al Shark Confectionery effectively understands and meets the needs of our customers ensuring providing maximum satisfaction.
  • Teamwork
    Al Shark Confectionery family displays effective teamwork by providing the necessary support for each other and make the most of our differences in knowledge, skills and experience through mutual respect and insight as an added value and benefit to us as well as work place.
  • Integrity 
    Al Shark Confectionery always wants to be one step ahead by taking initiative to explore new trends, new products, new solutions, new markets and new ways of doing business.

Our Brands are “Al Shark” and “Delica”

Our Material:

Cocoa Powders: Finest Dutch Cocoa with range of colors and flavors that provides rich chocolate flavors to meet our customers passion for rich chocolate Taste

Sugar: Finest Egyptian sugar

Cocoa Paste: French Cocoa paste

Milk Powder: Newzeland

Cocoa butter substitutes: malysian cocoa butter substitutes.

Board Members

  • Tamer Kamel


  • Ihab Abdel Moneim

Vice Chairman

  • Hany El Sayed

Executive Board Member

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